Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Boat House - Palm Beach

For the most of us that have frequented Bondi, Coogee or Manly Beaches - you're probably sick of the crowds. The sidewalk is so packed during summer and all the 'good spots' on the sand taken that at some point, I just wanted to leave. Have you seen the line at the Fish & Chips store?

Palm Beach is magnificent. Take it as a mini Get-away from the suburban Sydney life. About 1hr drive from Sydney Metro (if you're lucky), the huge sandy beaches will stun you and keep you coming back for more.

On the isolated hill of Palm Beach, The Boat House can be seen hustling with customers from early in the morning. They're just so popular. We arrive at about 11am, grab a table near the windows, and eagerly awaits!

Smoothies for kids
Banana Honey Smoothie & Berry Smoothie
6 each

Fish Pie: Potato, cream, puff pastry 24

Grilled Fish: Grains, Mushrooms, Gremolata 27

Boathouse Salad 22

Chips with Aioli 9

The Feast!

It's really hot inside

Why so beautiful.

A dreamy wedding here would be nice

He wants some Fish Pie too, hehe.


I only just noticed the bin in the shot! Looks great anyway.

Hopefully I'll catch a mega salmon to make my own Fish Pies :) 
The food is delicious. Fish Pie in particular, the little fish shape atop the puff pastry is such a cute touch. The Grilled Fish is perfect, and the salad refreshing (although more would be nice!).

After lunch, we stroll around the beach and it's practically empty (it's the middle of winter though), such a fantastic view of the huge ocean. Can't help but feel a tad inspired to go fishing for my own ingredient.

There is parking available, but the only downside is that it is all paid parking.

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  1. aww how cute are the jars for the smoothies!

  2. the teddy bear smoothie jars are adorable!!